About Connecting Together

Melissa Walker-Tate

Paediatric Occupational Therapist/Founder

My name is Melissa Walker-Tate, I am a Registered Occupational Therapist who has vast experience working with children in mental health and disabilities.

  • I have experience working in mental health services, overseas in Australia with NDIS, in Ministry of Education, special education schools, Oranga Tamariki, and with ACC.

  • Through my experience working in the health care system it is clear there are services and programs our children need for their development and transition into primary school, that is not currently being offered in the Franklin Community (New Zealand).


  • In learning how much our community is growing this is important to consider for our growing children.

  • Connecting Together provides therapy working on goals for children and families struggling with day to day needs in our community. Therapy includes fine motor (hand skills and strength), sensory processing, gross motor skills (coordination), and self-care skills (daily living/routine needs).

  • I feel most confident and competent working with children who may be experiencing emotional, behavioural, sensory, social and attentional challenges in their daily lives.

  • I have a large interest and experience in Sensory Processing (SPD) and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

  • I have been fortunate enough to attend a range of training`s in my line of work, including the Dr Tony Attwood trainings on Understanding Autism, basic sign language, Sue Larkeys Workshops, Positive Behavioural Therapy Training and much much more.

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