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Tactile Sense

Tactile (Touch) is one of our five external senses, it is found mainly on our skin, but also is recognized by our organs through internal receptors. This helps us to process information from our environment.

Auditory Sense

Auditory (Hearing) is sounds from our environment processed through receptors in our inner ear. It is another one of our five external senses.

Gustatory Sense

Gustatory (Taste), is one of our five external senses that processes our flavors we eat, when we eat a food that causes a taste bud to react.

Olfactory Sense

Olfactory (Smell), is activated by receptors in our nose that pick up odours from our foods, this helps keep us safe. This is another of our five external senses.

Visual Sense

Visual (Vision), helps us to move around our environment and keep us safe. It processes light in our eyes to help use see near and far objects. Vision guides our other sensations and everyday actions, it is one of the five external senses.

Proprioception Sense

We receptors in our muscles, joints and ligaments that communicate where we are in space, and how much force may or may not be needed to complete a task. This sensation is present at an early age and develops through time. This is an internal sense.

Vestibular Sense

We have internal ear systems, that communicate sense of orientation of the body, supporting balance. The vestibular system is also linked to the visual system, vestibular-ocular reflex. This is an internal sense.

Interoception Sense

Is the system that helps and supports you to feel what is going on inside your body, such as the feeling and signs that you need to go toilet, are thirsty or are hungry. This is an internal sense.

Did you know we have 8 senses?

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