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Connecting Together is a community development service run by an Occupational Therapist; to provide care, intervention, therapy and guidance to children and families.

Supporting Franklin, South Auckland and Hamilton/Waikato communities.

Paediatric Occupational Therapy Service

Keep updated ...

Occupational Therapy books are closed until September 2024

If wanting OT support late 2024 complete registration form now

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"Passionate, kind and wants the best for our children, just like we do as parents. My child absolutely loves seeing Melissa and she manages to keep his attention with games. Prompt at replying to phone calls and emails and always tries to work in a session time that works for both herself and the family. We are definitely looking forward to working with you this year."

What can Occupational Therapy do...

Occupational Therapists focus on achieving functional independence through therapeutic interventions, including activities someone wants, needs and has to do in their daily life.

Children gain functional independence through there development and play; however it is not always easy to consider all areas/milestones your child needs to reach.

A Paediatric Occupational Therapist helps to address evaluate and provide support in the development of children.


We can help with.....


  • Delayed developmental skills, e.g. crawling, jumping.

  • Fine motor control e.g for independence in dressing, and fasteners

  • Gross motor coordination (balance, strength, core strength and posture)

  • Motor movements and coordination

  • Self-cares (daily activities, showering, toileting, eating, sleeping)

  • Toilet training

  • Sensory Processing and behaviour support

  • Emotional regulation

  • Social Skills (play, joint attention and making friends)

  • Behaviour (sensory systems, emotional regulation and positive behaviour approaches)

  • Visual processing skills and attention

  • Motor planning (preparation and sequencing of movements)

  • Coordination between the two sides of the body (crossing the midline)

  • Sensory modulation (reaction to stimulus)

  • Family support and understanding of development and/or diagnosis

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What does the process look like?

Appointments are offered in-person or by telehealth

Initial Consultation

A first meet and greet (in person or via Zoom online), to better understand your family goals and ensure we are the correct service.


Completing assessment questionnaires, standardized assessments or observations to better understand your child's needs in their environments (home and school).

Goal Setting

Setting the long and short term goals together with family and your child, this is what guides therapy sessions and what is used to measure progress or therapy and strategies etc.

Therapy commences

A regular time is set with you around how often for therapy to commence, e.g weekly, or fortnightly. We also offer holidays programmes and run events that may suit your needs also.

Click here to access free links to community programmes and events to support your child and family

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