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Occupational Therapy Services

Individual Occupational Therapy  sessions is all about your goals as a family and to support your child's development. We listen to your concerns, and determine the right way forward, whether it be private therapy or group sessions. This begins with a initial consultation.



Connecting Together runs holiday programme, events and social skills groups. If it is felt these groups can target your therapy goals we can start here, or engage in this as well as individual therapy. You can RSVP to any event in the Events tab on website.


Clinic Space:
Unit 15, Level 3
73 King Street Pukekohe 2120, Auckland NZ.

Our Services

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Contact now to find book a workshop to your school, day-care center, ECE provider, or parent group:

•Zones of regulation (Emotional Regulation curriculum)


•Infant Mental health

•Sensory processing

•Toilet training

•Positive Behaviour

•Fine Motor Skills

•Gross Motor Skills (combined)

•Strategies for success for my child (school/kindy/daycare) 

•Goal Setting

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