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School Programmes and Presentations

Connecting Together


A one hour presentation (powerpoint), 15 minutes for questions at the end

Choose your topic, book it in, pay invoice and enjoy your training


Topics include (but not limited to, have a topic in mind ask us)…

  • Supporting Sensory Processing in your classroom

  • Supporting Anxiety in our kids

  • Gross and Fine Motor Development in my classroom

  • Supporting Neurodivergent (ASD and ADHD diagnosis)

School Readiness (new entrant and children transitioning).

Mileage and Travel Time

For services where we attend in person, in addition to your service cost, there is a charge or mileage according to the current IRD mileage rate e.g $0.83 cents per KM of travel, also travel time of up to $60 per hour of travel (e.g one our travel it $60)


1) Sensory Rooms

 (6 weeks intervention)

 (10 weeks intervention)

$600 to add Resource budget to order sensory equipment items e.g weighted blanket.

Mileage and Travel time are additional costs

Supporting your school to set up a sensory room in your school, collaborating with Principals, SENCOs to set up space. Funding covers, setting purpose for room, training, handout of information, correct safety measure of sensory equipment, understanding effects of trauma

-sensory equipment ordering can be added as extra

2) Sensory Equipment in School

 training 2 hour

$600 to add Resource budget to order sensory equipment items e.g weighted blanket. Or we can provide an itemized resource sheet where to purchase items from yourself.

Mileage and Travel time are additional costs

Supporting school staff to understand what sensory equipment does and how it can support your children’s emotional regulation and behaviours. Training, and support on ordering items. Knowing when we can find other forms of sensory input in free accessible items you may already have in your school.

3) Adding Appropriate Developmental Movement

(movement breaks)

 (2 sessions/ 2 hours)

Mileage and Travel time are additional costs

Benefiting all children, learning about our Primitive Reflexes in development and our foundational sensory systems we need that support academic learning

OT supports to implement programme, with school or for the classroom and then comes back to review it

Resource Handout provided to refer back to exercises

4) Staff Meetings

Zoom session FREE

 IN- person

  20-30 minute discussion

Mileage and Travel time are additional costs

We can join in on a staff meeting via zoom or in-person to share about our service, what we provide and howe we can support your school

5) Social Skills Interventions

Speech Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy Co-Op

(Price can be halved if only needing OT support )

Specialising in social skills and emotional regulation offering multiple services

The most evidence based way to support Social Skills is in a group

Cancellation Policy

When you sign up for a service you are reserving the therapists time slot, especially if multiple sessions are involved.  We have a strict cancellation policy out of respect for those on our wait list waiting for a time slot. Please note that this policy applies for all services

  • Treatment sessions/presentations/programmes will occur during the school term unless otherwise organized with your therapist during holidays, if you have a continuing service this would pause during the school holidays. 

  • Schools are required to pay 50% deposit of the service/programme to book this in, and then the remainder is due 48 hours following the event.

  • There will be no refunds issued for cancellations within 48 hours notice (2 days), instead, you will be expected to reserve a free makeup session with your therapist, this may result in it being next term due to availability.  

  • If cancelling within 48 hours time of your service booking there may be no refunds provided.

  • If the therapist shows up and you do not attend and do not provide any communication, there will be no refund issued and no further make-up session will be offered.

  • If you fail to notify us of your cancellation during the term, or give us extremely late notice, it is at the clinician’s discretion to deem your cancellation a ‘did not attend and you will not be offered a make-up session.

  • If your therapist cancels your service you don’t need to book a makeup session, we would be in touch to book another time in with you.

Treatment Package Payment Policy

Please note that this policy applies for all programmes and services

  • For a quote we need to know location for event, so that we can accurately work out mileage and travel time.

  • 50% payment is due to lock in the service

  • Payment is requuired no later than 1 week from event occurring, if a service is not paid for you will incur late payment fees.

  • Forms of payment accepted are online credit/debit card payments or payment transfers into a bank account (information will be provided at the bottom of the invoice). 

  • The rates of evaluations and/or therapy services are subject to change. You will be given advanced notice of any changes.

  • The payment timing expectations are also subject to change. You will be given advanced notice of any changes.

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