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Sensory Processing

Basics Introduction Course


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One function of our child's behaviour that is typically not understood is Sensory. Did you know if we support their sensory needs then their emotions and behaviours will improve ??

This course gives you a break down of what Sensory processing is, and why it is so important to understand for our children.

The course also comes with free templates you can use right away to begin understanding your childs sensory patterns at home.

NEW Sensory Development

Cost $120


Our sensory development is foundational to all aspects of other development, without a well functioning sensory system we cannot learn gross motor skills, fine motor skills such as handwirting, how to make and keep friends, communication, and academic learning!!

Easy, accessible course for parents, teachers and educators to support our growing children

Understanding child behaviour and how to support your child can be challenging day to day. Here, we are introducing a new course upcoming with Connecting Together that will support you in understanding your child's behaviour but more so the development and importance. This course will support if you have a child that may

  • have sensory processing challenges

  • may have had constant ear infections

  • may spin often

  • may climb often (seeming impulsive)

  • difficulty with their focus at school and academics

  • struggles to play alongside peers


All this will be discussed in our NEW course! Find out more here

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