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Child Development Events Franklin and South Auckland based

Fine Motor Skills Group

Starting Wednesday 25 October
Finishing 29 November 2023
Unit 15/73 King Street Pukekohe 2123 Auckland

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  • Gaining the motivation, and positive skill development in order to complete fine motor tasks such as handwriting, scissors, and dressing skills

  • Supporting them to be able to independently use zips, buttons and laces for their dressing skills

  • Building their confidence and skills in handwriting for their age and stage

  • Building your child's self-esteem in these skill areas

The aim of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for individuals who are experiencing challenges within their fine motor skills to work on them in a fun and interactive way - bringing more fun and positive to fine motor!


This workshop will cover:

  • Proprioception input -force needed in tasks (sensory)

  • core strength

  • crossing midline

  • bilateral coordination

  • in-hand manipulation

  • finger isolation

  • wrist ability


6 week group

Age: 5-7 years

Cost: Cost $180 total (valued at $30 per session) typically sessions for one hour with OT are $120, this is a bargain!

(If not able to pay upfront please contact for invoice or installment payments/carer support can also be used)

Please Register and pay through button below

Please share event.

Reach out to Hayley on 0212783558, if you have any questions

Fine Motor Skills Group 18.10.2023-22.11.2023


Contact us for other payment methods via email, or phone see above

:  By submitting this form you understand that this is not a replacement for a full and complete Occupational Therapy session, but aims to provide you with a clearer picture regarding your child's development and if there are any areas of concern that need to be further addressed. We will openly share with you our recommendations and advice regarding your child's development in the areas you wish to further discuss. Please also note this does not replace a visit to your pediatrician and no formal diagnosis of developmental disorders will be given. 


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