Connecting Together Location

Address: Suite 4, Unit 15/73 King Street, Pukekohe, Auckland 2120


The entrance door is next to the Whitcoulls Pukekohe King Street.

Parking: Parking on King Street is only 60 minutes. The best option is to park in the Pukekohe Plaza building 120 minutes parking, allow 10 minutes to walk to clinic room, take lift down to ground floor, walk onto Devon Lane, past the muffin break, cross Devon Lane and go down the alley way onto King Street, turn right past Tank towards Whitcoulls, and come through the entrance there.

There will be a sign on the entrance saying Pukekohe Wellness Hub. Come up to Level 3 Unit 15

Please wear a mask at all times in clinic space, there is some there if you need one, scan in on entry to Connecting Together, and let us know as soon as possible if you have flu symptoms or are/have been a close contact in last 14 days.

Thank you.