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Sensory Integration Clinic- Occupational Therapy Franklin Auckland

It is with great excitement, that Connecting Together Occupational Therapy get to announce we will soon have a clinic room for therapy session available to clients and the community.

This will be the first therapy service like this to be offered in Franklin Auckland, and it is all in collaboration and thanks to Simply Speaking SLT Brooke Dibley. Who like myself, wants a Multidisciplinary approach and knows how families have to travel so far and pay so much just to get services for their children.

I used to see clients in East Tamaki and in Pukekohe who were traveling to Auckland or Greenlane, having to take time from work and then having to pay hundreds of dollars for services.

This is why I began Connecting Together and offering services in the community has and will always be what we will offer, as it is so effective.

However, in growth it will be so exciting to be the only therapy services in Franklin and South Auckland to offer Sensory Integration therapy and Sensory swing therapy for supporting development, sensory integration and primitive reflexes. =D

The clinic space will be an Occupational Therapy specific room that continue to work on all the family and child therapy goals in the one space.

We will offer support for

· Gross motor skills

· Fine motor skills

· Sensory Processing

· Primitive Reflexes

· Self-care (Routine)

· Emotional Regulation

· Social skills

I will still have my contractor employee Casey on to also provide community and clinic services, and I myself will continue to provide services in the community and in the clinic space to those that prefer to work with us in the space.

This means there will no mileage fee charge to those being seen in the centre.

If you have any questions about this space, and how therapy can and will be provided in the clinic space, please do contact us and let us now your questions

I hope you are as excited as we are…

Nga Mihi

Melissa Walker-Tate

Occupational Therapist

Connecting Together Ltd.

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