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Sensory Processing Summary

There is a lot of research out there for sensory processing.  Sensory Processing is the way in which our 8 Senses are processed in our bodies  to help us effectively use our body within the environment  8 Senses? We all know our 5 senses, but do you know; Proprioceptive- Awareness of the movement and position of our bodies Vestibular- Position of the body that controls balance and eye movements Interception- A fairly new internal sensation, to understand and feel what is going on inside your body, e.g the need to go toilet, or that you feel hungry. How do I know my child struggles with sensory processing? Challenges focusing and holding attention Demonstrates inappropriate behaviour in multiple environments Showing a lot of energy Showing to be underactive and easily tired Difficulty learning and retaining learnt skills Dislikes participating in group activities Dislikes large crowds and groups of people Challenges with social skills and peer interactions Shows heightened anxiety in a range of areas. What can I do? Observe and take notes of your child's daily sensory behaviours, e.g are they seeking, or avoiding certain sensations Seek support from an Occupational Therapist Provide more sensory based play in your daily routine

If you have any questions about your child or a child you may work with around their sensory processing needs, please do not hesitate to give me a call 02102915235 or email Kind Regards, Melissa Walker-Tate Occupational Therapist Connecting Together.

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