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Fees & Payment

Connecting Together

Who Are We

Price List

Initial screening

$138 (inc. GST)

Usually with parents only to understand your concerns and queries, to ensure we are the best service to support, and to set goals together.

This meeting is required before any assessment or therapy can begin.

Does not include additional cost for mileage and travel time

Includes: Parent / Caregiver meeting face to face OR via zoom

Assessment Package

$630 (inc. GST)

Please note we may also assess other areas within the assessments chosen below, such as Child Primitive reflexes.

Assessments available include: Sensory Processing, Motor Skills, Feeding,

Self-care, Visual Perceptual and more.

Therapy and support can follow in an intervention package.

Does not include additional cost for mileage and travel time


Clinical Observations x2 home and school/daycare

Standardised assessments completed in visits, or handed to families and schools to complete

Comprehensive Report

Post Assessment Feedback

Comprehensive Assessment 

$830 (inc. GST)

Beneficial for children with high and complex needs. Please note we may also assess other areas within the assessments chosen below, such as Child Primitive reflexes, as this impacts all areas of child functioning. Ask for more information.

Does not include additional cost for mileage and travel time

Includes: Different Standardised Assessments and non-standardised assessments -up to 2 sessions (Sensory, Motor skills, Toileting, Feeding, Visual perceptual and more)

Clinical Observations x2 (home and school)

Comprehensive Assessment Report- including recommendations for Home/School

Post Assessment Feedback session/meeting- in person or online

Occupational Therapy session

$138 (inc. GST)

Sessions include an initial first meeting, goal setting, progressing client goals, school/service meetings, and when wanting to pay as you go. 

This does not include mileage or travel time.

Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Therapy Joint session

Sessions include an Occupational Therapist (Connecting Together) and a Speech Language therapist (Simply Speaking SLT) collaborating on therapy goals together in a one hour session, this can be made into a package also.

This is determined after assessment and through discussion with therapist.

This does not include mileage or travel time.

10 week Intervention Package


Recommended following assessment findings. Parent training will also be included in these sessions as needed. This package includes 10 treatment sessions over 10 weeks. You are guaranteed a weekly time slot on our caseload for the full ten sessions. Treatment will target goals agreed upon by the parent and clinician. After the 10 weeks of therapy, a review will take place. If the parent chooses to move forward with more therapy based on clinician recommendations, the child will maintain their time slot and another treatment package will begin.

Mileage and Travel Time

 Mileage rate set at the IRD rate (subject to change) currently is $0.83 per KM

Travel time $60

E.g if traveling 46 km RETURN TRIP, the charge will be $38.18 + $30 for 30 minutes of travel= $68.18


$138 (inc. GST)

Set at therapy hourly rate

A report for schools, goal progress, assessment report (if you have not got the assessment package), letter to GP or community service

How to make payments:

Direct debit/credit card/internet banking

Option 1: If you pay in full (which is preferred) as less admin, we keep track of the sessions and then let you know when we have 2 left so we can review therapy and goals etc

Option 2: You authorize a direct debit payment set up where a package is paid off in installments e.g weekly or fortnightly (preferred), as both yourself and myself do not need to worry

Option 3: You pay manually into a package through internet banking or credit card, however this requires more admin on my end and this will now result in an admin fee of $90 for this processing


  • Payment is required 7 days following a session or in full at the time of the appointment through internet banking, credit card or cash, invoice is sent out to the email provided in registration or contact form. If payment is not received for a session another cannot be rescheduled until payment is received, you also may not keep your appointment or therapy spot if there is a waitlist for therapy services.

  • Sessions costs can be scheduled into a package deal for a term. This ideally needs to be paid at the beginning of commencement, due to service resources, travel, planning allowance, and payment of staff to provide services. However if you prefer to make instalment arrangements let your therapist know, you can do this manually as you can afford, or we can set up an instalment system. If no payments are made after 5 weeks of a package we will follow up and ask about this.

  • If the initial session is cancelled the session cost is not expected, however we do hope we can reschedule this session with you to continue goal progress for your child and family.

  • Carer support and Child Disability Allowance are funding options able to be used to support therapy costs.

  • Please provide 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or change an appointment time. This gives adequate time to reschedule another session in for a family, to plan a task or complete follow up as required.

  • Fund holders/Schools/Agencies/Services contracting our services must give 24 hours notice if there is to be a cancellation.

  • For therapy treatment packages, you are booked into a regular session slot for the amount of therapy sessions purchased, e.g 10 sessions is one term of 10 weeks and will be set at the same time each week, unless discussed with your therapist. If you cancel a session, you can attend a make up session in the school holidays. You are entitled to 2 make up sessions, if you do not book these in with your therapist or reschedule these there are no refunds and no extra sessions provided. In this case a discussion will be needed to be had with the funder or with Melissa Walker-Tate.

  • If a cancellation is made within 24 hours then payment is still required/or this counts as a session in the package.

  • If a child is absent from school the therapists must be told ASAP. In the event of a failure to be notified, and thus the therapists arrive at the school;  payment for mileage, travel time and the session will be expected. The session will then need to be put into a make up session or rescheduled to make this up. See below.



When you sign up for a treatment package you are reserving your time slot on our caseload for the next 10 weeks. We have a strict cancellation policy out of respect for those on our wait list waiting for a time slot. Please note that this policy applies for all of our Intervention Packages.

  • Package treatment sessions will occur during the school term unless otherwise organized with your therapist, so your package will pause during the school holidays.

  • You are allowed up to 2 cancellations during your 10-week package.

  • There will be no refunds issued for cancellations, instead, you will be expected to reserve a free makeup session in the upcoming school holidays.

  •  You can only book a maximum of 2 make-up sessions per 10-week package, and any additional cancellations will be at your own loss.

  • The makeup sessions can only occur in the school holidays during our allocated time slots shown in our online booking system (a link to the booking system will be provided) and it’s the parent’s responsibility to reserve their preferred time slot from those available.

  • If you fail to attend your make-up session there will be no refund issued and no further make-up session will be offered.

  •  If you fail to notify us of your cancellation during the term, or give us extremely late notice, it is at the clinician’s discretion to deem your cancellation a ‘did not attend and you will not be offered a make-up session.

  •  If your therapist cancels your therapy session you don’t need to book a makeup session. Instead, that week’s session will not count towards your 10 pre-paid treatment sessions and you will continue on with weekly therapy as expected.


Please note that this policy applies for the Intervention Package.

  •  If you choose to pay for your treatment package in instalments and fail to make a payment, you will be discharged from our service and your therapy time slot will be given to someone else on our waiting list.

  •  If you choose to discharge from our service before your 10 sessions have been completed, or your therapist recommends early discharge, this will need to be discussed with Melissa Walker-Tate, please note a refund may not be provided as you have booked a slot for the duration of your package, and this is time our staff and therapists need to be paid for. As this is a slot that could have been provided to someone else on waitlist.

  •  If you require a discharge report at the end of your time with us, there will be an additional cost at our hourly rate.

  •   Forms of payment accepted are online credit/debit card payments or payment transfers into a bank account (information will be provided at the bottom of the invoice).

  •  The rates of evaluations and/or therapy are subject to change. Clients will be given advanced notice of any changes.

  •  The payment timing expectations are also subject to change. Clients will be given advanced notice of any changes.



If you wish to end your service agreement with Connecting Together, please discuss as soon  as possible. It would be great to have a closing session with the client and family to share  goals, progress, strategies and to say goodbye to the child. 

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