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Price List

Assessment Package

$517.50 (inc. GST)

Assessment is carried out around sensory or development areas,  2 observations of child are included at home and at daycare or school, assessment forms scored, a report is written and then feedback to you. This does not include mileage and travel time.

Occupational Therapy session

$138 (inc. GST)

Sessions include an initial first meeting, goal setting, progressing client goals, and when wanting to pay as you go. 

This does not include mileage or travel time.

10 week Intervention Package


Discounted when paid in full

 Recommended following assessment findings. Parent training will also be included in these sessions as needed. This package includes 10 treatment sessions over 10 weeks. You are guaranteed a weekly time slot on our caseload for the full ten sessions. Treatment will target goals agreed upon by the parent and clinician. After the 10 weeks of therapy, a review will take place. If the parent chooses to move forward with more therapy based on clinician recommendations, the child will maintain their time slot and another treatment package will begin.

Mileage and Travel Time

$1.20 per/KM

 $1.20 includes mileage and travel time

E.g if travelling 46 km RETURN TRIP, the charge will be $55.20


$92 (inc. GST)

A report for schools, goal progress, assessment report (if you have not got the assessment package), letter to GP or community service

Treatment Package Cancellation Policy

When you sign up for a treatment package you are reserving your time slot on our caseload for the next 10 weeks. We have a strict cancellation policy out of respect for those on our wait list waiting for a time slot. Please note that this policy applies for all of our Intervention Packages.

  • Package treatment sessions will occur during the school term unless otherwise organized with your therapist, so your package will pause during the school holidays. 

  • You are allowed up to 2 cancellations during your 10-week package. 

  • There will be no refunds issued for cancellations, instead, you will be expected to reserve a free makeup session in the upcoming school holidays.  

  • You can only book a maximum of 2 make-up sessions per 10-week package, and any additional cancellations will be at your own loss.

  • The makeup sessions can only occur in the school holidays during our allocated time slots shown in our online booking system (a link to the booking system will be provided) and it’s the parent’s responsibility to reserve their preferred time slot from those available. 

  • If you fail to attend your make-up session there will be no refund issued and no further make-up session will be offered.

  • If you fail to notify us of your cancellation during the term, or give us extremely late notice, it is at the clinician’s discretion to deem your cancellation a ‘did not attend and you will not be offered a make-up session.

  • If your therapist cancels your therapy session you don’t need to book a makeup session. Instead, that week’s session will not count towards your 10 pre-paid treatment sessions and you will continue on with weekly therapy as expected.

Treatment Package Payment Policy

Please note that this policy applies for the Intervention Package.

  • If you choose to pay for your treatment package in installments and fail to make a payment, you will be discharged from our service and your therapy time slot will be given to someone else on our waiting list.

  • If you choose to discharge from our service before your 10 sessions have been completed, or your therapist recommends early discharge, we will refund you accordingly.

  • If you require a discharge report at the end of your time with us, there will be an additional cost of $92.

  • Forms of payment accepted are online credit/debit card payments or payment transfers into a bank account (information will be provided at the bottom of the invoice). 

  • The rates of evaluations and/or therapy are subject to change. Clients will be given advanced notice of any changes.

  • The payment timing expectations are also subject to change. Clients will be given advanced notice of any changes.

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