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Meet The Team


Melissa Walker-Tate
Founder/Senior Occupational Therapist


  •  I live in Waiuku Auckland, and work out of my community which is such an honour. I have such a passion for working with children and I love being an Occupational Therapist. I graduated from AUT in 2015.

  • I began Connecting Together in 2018.

  • I have experience working in mental health services, overseas in Australia with NDIS, in Ministry of Education, special education schools, Oranga Tamariki, and with ACC.

  • Through my experience working in the health care system it is clear there are services and programs our children need for their development and transition into primary school, that is not currently being offered in the Franklin Community (New Zealand).

  •  In learning how much our community is growing this is important to consider for our growing children.

  • I have a large interest and experience in Sensory Processing (SPD) and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

  • I have been fortunate enough to attend a range of training`s in my line of work, including the Dr Tony Attwood trainings on Understanding Autism, basic sign language, Sue Larkeys Workshops, Positive Behavioural Therapy Training and much much more.


Hayley Downey-Macbeth
Occupational Therapist


  • I graduated from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) with a Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy) in 2022.

  • I studied Occupational Therapy as I was always interested in working in health care from a young age. I have had my own personal experience having an Occupational Therapist in which I was amazed at the role and it clicked for me then that's what i wanted to do.

  • Ever since I have loved being an Occupational Therapist as it fits my own personal values as we work with people collaboratively and holistically.


I have a big passion for working with children and have had past experiences working with children in my past jobs.

ACBoyd Photo (002).jpg

Arzeen Cooper Boyd
Occupational Therapist


Hi, my name is Arzeen Cooper Boyd and I have recently started as a sub-contractor with Connecting Together working in the Waikato/Hamilton region for Melissa. I am a New Zealand Registered Occupational Therapist with a background of working in physical and mental health, child development, and intellectual and developmental disabilities. I have worked in a range of different roles, different health settings, and with all age groups throughout my career. I have also had the privilege of being a guest lecturer at the Waikato Institute of Technology (WINTEC) for several years. Most recently, I worked for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants and private clients in Queensland, Australia for a few months. I am excited to be back home in NZ.

  • For the past decade, I have specialized in neurodiversity and sensory processing, which has driven my passion for early intervention and child development. After years of working in district health boards and other public health and non-governmental organizations with different age groups, I decided to further explore my passion for working with children and their families to achieve what is meaningful and important through the private sector".

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